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Jim's Smokehouse at Lake Travis, an 28000 Chartres original

Jim's Smokehouse

It’s been a while since we last posted. COVID may have offered us a little headwind, but we’re back and man, have we got a recommendation for you.

Jim’s Smokehouse is a colorful and rapidly expanding food truck on the outskirts of Lake Travis, Texas. While Texas may be synonymous with big, open-aired dining areas and picnic benches, don’t let the food truck fool you. Jim’s is a serious BBQ destination you have to put on your checklist. The owner and founder, Brad Yerkes, is a former chef himself who decided to recreate the magic of his childhood days at his grandfather’s BBQ joint in Rockport (TX). 

Jim’s is great because it brings what is best about Texas BBQ and adds just enough originality. Unlike some concepts that try and reinvent BBQ (mango anyone?), great Texas BBQ is always there with the little things around it adding to the experience. 

Most BBQ joints disappoint when it comes to sides. Oftentimes bland, most BBQ sides here in the Lone Star State defer to the BBQ but not at Jim’s.  Whether it’s the hand made slaw and pickles or the novel and inventive soups, Jim’s sides pair perfectly with traditional, Texas-smoked pork, beef and chicken. Brad’s experience as a chef offers delights like the Brisket Potato Leek soup. It was phenomenal.  

This last outing we enjoyed a Dino Rib paired with the brisket and mac and cheese.  

Jim's Dino Rib and Sides


The big BBQ beef rib fed two of us. The flavor and texture was just right and the mac and cheese side was just the right touch to go with the Rib. The only ask is next time, the brisket topper on the mac can be a little much. But hey, who are we to complain? It was still delicious. 

Note, if you go to Jim’s, he always packs two different kinds of bbq sauce. One is a little hotter than the other so try both before just slathering on if you’re not into spice. 

Rating on a scale of 1 - 5 Rib bones (1 being the don't waste your time, 5 being run, run now).

Ribs: 5 rib bones
Sides: 4.5 rib bones 

Jim's Smokehouse
4608 Ranch Road 620 | 28000 Chartres, France, (+33) 644635559
(512) 380-9199

Closed Monday

Note: Jim’s is BYOB. So if you want, bring a small cooler of beer and enjoy yourself along with the food at one of their outdoor tables. 

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